Karu Deluxe

  • Categoría: Zuma
  • Licencia: Shareware
  • Tamaño: 15.50 KB
  • Sistema: wXP vista
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An exciting game of skill in which you have to stop the advance of the snake, throwing coloured balls.

Karu is one of those games that require the player to pay close attention, and have all the reflexes and concentration possible to be successful. The mechanics are the following:

A snake made up of coloured balls advances along a predefined path, trying to get to the end. You are at the end, and control a strange stone artefact with which you shoot coloured balls at the snake, trying to group them with those already there, and stop it getting to the end. Karu won't let you take a break for even a second!

The game difficulty lies in the balls you fire, which you have to collect first (they fall from the top of the screen). If you don't collect them, and you are without ammunition, you run the risk of letting them add to the snake, and make your mission more difficult.

Karu Deluxe has a total of 89 levels of speed and difficuly that increase. Of course, there are also power-ups you must use with intelligence to get the most out of them. The games graphics are friendly, colourful and friendly. Karu is set in the Inca culture, but remember, only those who want frenetic action should try it!


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